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Major Aspects in 

April 2017

April 2 - Venus retrograde back into Pisces

April 5 - Saturn turns retrograde - 28 Sagittarius

April 7 - Sun opposition Jupiter - 18 Aries / 18 Libra

April 9 - Mercury turns retrograde - 5 Taurus  7:18 pm EDT, 4:18 pm PDT

April 10 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 21 Aries / 21 Libra

April 14 - Sun conjunct Uranus - 24 Aries

April 15 - Venus turns direct - 27 Pisces

April 19 - Sun enters Taurus 

April 20 - Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde - 1 Taurus

April 21 - Venus square Saturn - 28 Pisces / 28 Sagittarius

April 26 - Sun conjunct Moon - 6 Taurus

April 28 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Uranus - 25 Aries

May 3 - Mercury turns direct - 24 Aries     12:33 pm EDT, 9:33 am PDT


2016 Overview

The previous NINE* years' occurred in 2007, 1998, 1989, 1980, 1971, 1962, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to opent to the following ONE* year (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - April 2017

April 2017 Overview
April is universally a FIVE month emphasizing the shifts and changes that are aligned with our new purpose and journey. With Venus, still retrograde and shifting from Aries to Pisces, the inner spiritual elements of the inner status will set a new pace for love, money and well-being. Venus retrogrades through Pisces until April 15th, providing many elements of change for the month. Additionally, Mercury turns retrograde on April 9th at 5 Taurus to return to 24 Aries on May 3rd. This retrograde provides the alignment of information with the True Self. April brings the changes and turns in the pathway to move one direction or another as aligned with the inner essence and Self. Sun connects with the changing winds of Uranus on April 13th that also play a major role in changing our environment and direction as well as business pursuits. Pluto also turns retrograde as the power of intentions come into play during the alignment of our inner essence with the outer environment. The New Moon in Taurus emphasizes the values that are at the heart of our intentions that are also a major instigator of the shifts and change of our inner and outer environment. Mercury retrograde connecting to the winds of Uranus on the 28th brings in another series of changes that have a major impact with our forward motion once Mercury turns direct in May.  

March 26th through April 1st
This week begins with Mercury connecting to Uranus at 24 Aries, which opens the door to major communication and information flying into our life that will impact and create change. Monday morning, Sun connects to Moon creating the powerful elements of a dynamic New Moon. Sun and Moon at 7 Aries also ignite the elements of Venus retrograde that are blowing into the picture as well. We may not have anticipated this information or the impact in our life, but the powerful impact will begin to shift and change many aspects of our direction, environment and purpose. Wednesday Moon connects with Mercury, bringing these realizations to our current status and focus, which can stop us in our tracks until we have the chance to assimilate the true impact in our direction. This aspect sets the precedence for Thursday’s critical aspect of Jupiter square Pluto, which requires we face the facts and the impact that is unfolding. Jupiter requires we expand our connections and Pluto highlights the resistance to change. This Jupiter/Pluto aspect at 19 Libra/19 Capricorn pushes us beyond the old comfort zones and requires we step into the circle of change. Accepting the call into the unknown, we prepare for the FIVE month of April, which the shifts and adjustments that are slated for the month as spurred by the Mercury retrograde from April 10th through May 3rd.

April 2nd through April 8th
This week sees Venus retrograde backtracks from Aries and touches into Pisces. Venus rules love, money, and well-being. The ease of situations touches into the intuitive and spiritual connection of Pisces, brining in the underlying elements of spirituality. Venus in Pisces brings in the spiritual connectivity of well-being in our life throughout the month of April to unfold many shifts and changes that impact our inner well-being. Venus was first shifting situations in early February, when Venus was at 28 Pisces before the retrograde. Now with the retrograde moving back into Pisces, Venus is reviewing the spiritual elements in our life and the connections to love, money and well-being to make the adjustments with the right connections. Venus will turn direct on Aril 15th, revealing many new elements that will add to our inner sense of well-being and how it will impact the new flow in our life. Mid-week Saturn turns retrograde at 28 Sagittarius, which brings our goal-setting tasks to make adjustments with the goals we have and the direction we choose. Saturn helps to solidify our plans and goals by creating the environment to hone the focus and motivations surrounding our goals. Saturn requires effort and it is our effort that puts the stepping stones into place. Having the desire to go into a direction that is not followed by effort, will not give us the stepping stones needed for the journey. However, the efforts we make by aligning our goals with action-plans, the stepping stones become visible. Saturn will retrograde back to 21 Sagittarius, where it was in December 2016, to bring forward a new set of goals, actions and direction for the new cycle we are building.

April 9th through April 15th
This week begins with Mercury turning retrograde at 5 Taurus, to revise the values and the alignment with the Aries True Self. Between April 9th and May 3rd, information will come forward prompting revisions of concepts and alignment of the Self to inner values, bringing the core essence into harmony. Situations will speed up to prompt the internal adjustments of thoughts, ideas and concepts, making adjustments in our journey that is evolving throughout the year, while building the foundation of our new nine-year cycle. The True Self is the issue and the focus of the events and information flow. The handoff with the back-to-back retrogrades emphasizes the Pisces, Aries, and Taurus evolution. Pisces represents spiritual beliefs and the connection with the Divine. How that flows into the True Self and hits the Mars element of aligning with right action, rolls into the Taurus element of value. Our inner and outer world is changing because of this flow revealing the True Self and corresponding values that are integral to the forward motion of the Self. This expression sets the stage for this nine-year cycle we are building and the ability to make the changes needed in April’s universal FIVE month. Thursday evening/Friday morning Sun connects with Uranus at 24 Aries, the point that Mercury returns to on May 3rd, to set the Uranus winds blowing in the changes needed. Saturday sees Venus turn direct in Pisces to begin the Pisces, Aries, Taurus evolution to bring forward the True Self and the stepping stones into our new life.

April 16th through April 22nd
This week begins with Sun trine Saturn on Monday, as Moon shifts into Capricorn, to set new agreements and contracts into place. Sun shines the light onto Saturn’s focus on goals, which require not only new action plans but also the agreements that are part of this new phase. Mid-week Sun shifts into Taurus, bringing our focus to the element of values and the correlation of our choices, options and decisions to be aligned. Also, Sun connects with Mercury retrograde, which requires a commitment to our new direction, which may not be able to unfold until Mercury turns direct on May 3rd. However, when Sun connects with Mercury retrograde, the emphasis is on commitment, and signing on the dotted line to bring forward our new action plan as Mercury turns direct. Thursday, Pluto turns retrograde, to go back over our intentions and motivation that brings in the power of influence. Pluto will backtrack from 19 Capricorn back to 17 Capricorn, where it was December 29th. Also Mercury rolls back into Aries to begin addressing the core issues of the True Self and to align the inner and outer action plans. Friday the cog-turning square requires the actions to commit to new directions as Venus creates a square to Saturn. Venus reaches 28 Pisces and squares Saturn at 28 Sagittarius. This square emphasizes the shift that has to occur, moving us from one way of life to the next. Venus in Pisces as part of the Pisces, Aries, Taurus evolution, is the beginning cog that has to turn, allowing the stepping stones of Saturn in Sagittarius to reveal our journey. Sagittarius emphasizes our goals and the trek along our spiritual path. This cog-turning aspect changes the stage of our life to reveal our new environment.

April 23rd through April 29th
This week begins with spurred by Mercury retrograde creating a positive trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing the major issues from last week (Venus square Saturn) to Mercury’s new information that begins to unfold important elements of our True Self. Mercury’s information is giving Saturn the coordinates of our journey, the stepping stones, the outer direction that is becoming our new focus and pathway. Tuesday Moon connects with Venus and Uranus, helping us to make the changes needed to roll into the New Moon on Wednesday. Sun connecting to Moon at 6 Taurus emphasizes the shift of values we are committed to make, especially as Mercury’s forward progress to 5 Taurus (on April 9th) now has the inner alignment of the True Self to walk into the evolution of our new life as Mercury begins to unfold our journey on May 3rd. On Friday, Venus rolls forward into Aries, opening the well-being of the True Self, while at the same time Mercury connects with the winds of change Uranus, to accept the information about the changes emerging, to move our life forward.

April 30th through May 6th
This week begins with Mercury hovering at 24 Aries, preparing to align with the Earth to move forward, with our mental concepts connecting with outer situations to unfold the new phase of our journey once again. Accepting the call of the True Self to move forward, we also prepare for the SIX month of May, which integrates the changes that occurred during April’s events and the Mercury retrograde information stream. The SIX emphasizes harmony, balance and the well-being of the inner and outer elements, as spurred by the Mercury retrograde shifts from April 10th through May 3rd. May 3rd brings the alignment of the True Self into the new month of May to begin to unfold the inner core and spiritual essence that has provided the shifts and changes during this Mercury retrograde.

May 2017 Overview
May is universally a SIX month emphasizing the balance of the inner and outer self as prompted by the shifts and changes of April’s Mercury retrograde. The True Self is ready to emerge and to align with our new purpose and journey that is a reflection of the Pisces, Aries, Taurus evolution. On May 3rd, Mercury turns direct, opening up a new pathway that gives us our new purpose. Mercury hovers at 24 Aries until May 8th, when it begins to make progress. May 10th, Mercury connects with the winds of change Uranus, which also occurred on April 28th, but with Mercury retrograde. Now direct, Mercury brings forward information that blows on the Uranus winds, while providing a high tide of events building to the Full Moon, also on the 10th. This Full Moon emphasizes the balance of the Taurus/Scorpio elements (20 Taurus/20 Scorpio) of inner and outer values, with Scorpio prompting the intentions and corresponding direction from the inner engine compartment of motivation to reveal the Taurus values that are unfolding the outer stepping stones of our new journey. Mid-month Saturn creates a positive trine to Uranus, with our new goals aligned with the Uranus winds, we can begin to sail into our new direction, aided by the Uranus changes. Also, Venus in Aries creates a balance with Jupiter in Libra, bringing the alignment of the Aries True Self and the outer connections with new people and relationships. The New Moon on May 25th emphasizes the Gemini element of communication, adaptability and our new social pursuits, as 5 Gemini opens the doors for the journey into our new life, as the airy Gemini billows our sails, blowing us into our new direction.

Written by Karyl Jackson

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